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Monday, February 20, 2006
temporary ravings
listening to : psychotic micro - schizophrenic

We did not stop. We kept looking. There had to be more this world could offer. Sex could not be the end of it. The earlier the fascination for it started, the earlier we got over it. That might have been a phase - and a searingly scorched one- when every word uttered was recontextualized. Every word was a double entendre.

Right now, underage girls are playing outside with the word. They don't know the meaning and couldn't care less if I told them what it meant. All they want is another ass to pin the tail on. Another means of spewing off all the extra steam.

For us, the search has finally ended. Although sex was only talked about. We did everything else. Every taboo and transgression allowed in this society and we ran out of energy. In fact, the drugs kept it going for too long. Living life at this fast a pace has only shaved off later years.

nice price for the rice, said the cambodian laborer. at least, its a slow death.

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